Thursday, October 18, 2012

Contact Paper art

This is a simple little art project invitation I set up for tomorrow morning.
This is contact paper art. I taped contact paper sticky side up to the wall using painters tape. I used Halloween cookie cutters to draw Halloween figures on construction paper.
The idea is for the child to simply place the papers and miscellaneous leaves and flowers to the sticky paper. This is a great for toddlers or for children with special needs who may have difficulty using glue sticks/bottles.
I decorated the construction paper pieces and added a few fake leaves and flowers to the basket next to the contact paper. Finished masterpiece pictures to come :)

updated 10/24/12
Well, Grace didn't really care about putting the pictures on the sticky wall. But, she did like to explore the feeling of sticking her own hands to the wall. Instead, I put cotton balls on the wall and she liked to pull them off and put them in the basket. Like a little "cherry picking" activity.

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